The One that Went Awry; Genes and Cancer

Cancer is genetic in the sense that altered genes activate it is a disease of genes gone wrong. A healthy body depends on the interaction of thousands of genes that manage the systematic reproduction of cells. When these genes are damaged they allow the cells to replicate unchecked, which then extend to other tissues and form growths.

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Cryotherapy Is Back As a Viable Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Cryotherapy was once a popular method of treating prostate cancer patients in the seventies and eighties. Though it seemed to be an effective way to treat the cancer, the instruments and technology available at the time led to some negative side effects, and in turn some negative publicity which put this treatment on the proverbial back burner for over a decade.

Now with several advancements having been made in medical science and technology cryotherapy is once again surfacing as a potential in the minds of many doctors and prostate cancer sufferers alike.

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Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Its Symptoms

The Hodgkin’s Lymphoma disease is a type of cancer that attaches the lymph system of the immune system.

I was listening to the radio last evening and a program cased me to link to a website from all the pages of the The program was performed by a young man, Tooraj, who is suffering from Hodgkin’s disease.

He is waiting for the bone marrow transplant but the suitable donor has not been found yet.

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Red Wine – More Than Just Empty Calories?

Though many diets choose to exclude red wine due to its high calorie content and appetite inducing effects, many nutritionists are now admitting that the alcoholic beverage does have some redeeming qualities. Indulging in a glass or two from time to time could, in fact, be beneficial to your health.

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Its Hot, Its Spicy, Can It Prevent or Cure Cancer?

Searching for that elusive cure for the dreaded cancer is forever ongoing. Scientists everywhere are dreaming of being the one man who will find the actual and positive cure for every type of cancer in existence. When this will come about no one knows but it will happen. That man may not yet be born but time will tell.

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Cancer and Chemotherapy the Curse of the Universe

Cancer and chemotherapy is a word known by almost every person in the universe; it is a dreaded word that no one person wants to hear about especially concerning ourselves. Cancer is a malignant growth that is ruining millions of peoples lives daily.

It doesn’t have a care who it attacks, rich, poor, adults, children, even animals. Has cancer always been so virulent among the population, or is it the modern lifestyle that has caused what seems like an explosion through out the whole world.

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Avoid Free Radicals to Prevent Getting Cancer

How to avoid getting cancer?

Cancer is one of the ugliest words for most people because almost everybody has someone in the family, friends, relatives and … who is involved with cancer or passed away because of it. I personally have lost some of my loved ones because of cancer. My grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt and …

I think I am personally at risk because the genetic background is one of the most important risk factors.

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