Champix Quit Smoking Pills Work Differently

Smoking is an addiction and Champix is a drug for those people who wants to  quit.

Many smokers want to give up this addiction but find it impossible.

Do not despair as help is on the way in the form of a new drug call Champix.

It is well known that many people have been able to kick the habit with the help of their GP.

Quitting with the various available treatments is possible, while others have failed miserably.

A new pill has now been developed.

How does Champix Works in Your Body

Trials of the drug Champix in Britain show that it is effective after a 12-week course, with the rate of 44 percent of smokers stop smoking.

If necessary smokers can take it for longer the overall rate of smokers quitting will rises.

Champix is nicotine-free and works in an entirely different way to other treatments.

It binds the nicotine receptors in the brain and reduces the severity of cravings to smoke.

Moreover, withdrawal symptoms by interfering with the release of the “pleasure” chemical dopamine.

Champix also reduces the satisfaction gained from smoking.

Champix and Alcohol

Because Champix might make you sleepy and dizzy you can’t take it with alcohol.

It is not recommend it to use alcohol while you are using Champix as a treatment to quit smoking.

The affects of both combination of the drug and alcohol on your brain might be dangerous and causes serious side effects.

You might stop taking heavy alcohol drinking while you are using Champix.

If you drink a very small drink make sure it’s been not right after taking the Champix or at the same time.

Small amount of alcohol within a minimum of two hours before or after taking the medication should be okay.

However, if you see any signs of confusion or weird activities, try to drink lots of water and go to the emergency right away for necessary treatments.

Side Effects of Champix usage

Any drugs have its own side effects and champix also has some side effects as well.

The side effects of Champix are in most of cases;

You might not have any of the following symptoms but if you see any of those symptoms here are some advice.

  • Dizziness
  • Sleepiness
  • Problem with concentrating
  • Dreaming
  • Sleeping problem
  • Stomach digesting problem

If you see any of those symptoms it is better speak with your doctor or the pharmacist for some other medication that doesn’t conflict with Champix.

Do not drive or do any machinery jobs if you have any of the above symptoms while using Champix for quitting treatments.

Moreover, in some cases, people feel depress, sleeping a lot and aggressive which should stop taking the medication and see the doctor immediately.

They might harm themselves or the others.

In any of the above situation, you might stop taking Champix and see your doctor.

People with allergy reactions, asthma, thyroid problem, or kidney disease and are taking medication for those treatments should not take Champix without their doctors permission.

Treatment of Champix Duration

Quitting with Champix

Champix treatment for quitting smoking is around 12 weeks.

From day 1 to 4 the 0.5 mg per day to start.

Then from day 4 to 7 take 0.5 mg in the morning and 0.5 mg in the evening.

As of the week 2 to 12, take 1 mg in the morning and 1 mg in the evening.

After the week 12 just take 1 mg per day until the week 24.

People usually start hating the cigarette as of the day 8 until the day of 35.

The crave for smoking becomes less and less until you don’t feel like want to smoke anymore.

Try to drink lots of water during the treatment.

You might continue taking Champix for a dosage of 1 mg per day for additional 12 weeks after your official quitting date, so in total it should be 24 weeks.

Champix, Stop Being a Leper

Do you guys realize that we smokers are almost like a band of lepers, if you happen to know anyone who owns an uninhabited desert island then point the way because very soon we will need somewhere to run if we fancy a puff.

Second Hand Smoking Disease

Smoking is taking the blame for cancer, heart disease and probably anything else you would like to mention, but what of the people who have never smoked and yet they still suffer from these dreaded diseases.

What about the innocent country folk that live in the pure fresh air.

They don’t smoke, and they steer clear of those nasty smoke laden bars but they still manage to contract the diseases.

I am not saying I approve of smoking but I am trying to point out that smokers are not really the ones to blame.

If they harm anyone it is them selves

Have you wondered what causes acid rain? I was walking home one day and a slight drizzle started, the rain although very slight was stinging my face.

Do you honestly believe that by stopping everyone from smoking you will eradicate cancer and the amount of people who will still get it?

Will nuclear power stations be banned, electricity pylons and mobile phone pylons that have been proven to cause cancer!

Will we get rid of them? What of all the chemical factories and pesticides that are sprayed on fruit and vegetables are they proved innocent of causing us harm?

If you wonder why millions of people are contracting these dreadful diseases its quite simple!

The march of time has caught up with us.

All the new gadgets that we all go mad for what they contain!

And how could we manage without our PCs, Internet and mobile phones etc.

We are causing our own problems; and stopping people smoking is the tip of the iceberg.

It won’t improve your life just their own, because as time goes on people will want bigger and better things and nothing comes without a price.

How do I Stop Smoking?

Now you guys if you want to stop being a leper and have your addiction eradicated for good here is your best chance.

No its not 100% positive it couldn’t be that easy but there is an improved chance of success if you stick with it, so lets get serious.

Most people would love to stop smoking for one reason or another, it may not kill you off but you will definitely start to feel like a healthy being if you do stop.

Breathlessness is one of the biggest problems, if you have been smoking for years then the longer you continue smoking the worse it will get.

So do yourself a favor and make that decision to stop, or to at least try your best to do so.

Quit Smoking With Champix!

Champix is an anti smoking pill that is different to any other; it fools your brain into believing that the urge to smoke has been satisfied.

This unique treatment has been specifically designed to help people stop smoking.

It is believe to work by reducing the urge to smoke and alleviating the withdrawal symptoms from nicotine.

If a person smokes a cigarette while receiving treatment, the medicine has the potential to diminish the sense of satisfaction associated with smoking.

Clinical Trial Program for Champix Treatment

Champix approval was based on a comprehensive clinical trial program including four trials which involve approximately 4,000 cigarette smokers.

On average the subjects had smoked about 21 cigarettes a day for approximately 25 years.

Two identically designed studies showed that patients receiving a 12-week course of varenicline therapy (1 mg twice daily) had nearly four times the odds of quitting against those taking placebo.

Moreover, they had nearly twice the odds of quitting against those patients taking bupropion SR (150 mg twice daily) at the end of the 12-week course of therapy.

Patients in these studies were provided with educational materials and received brief smoking-cessation counseling at each clinic visit.

It was followed for an additional 40 weeks without treatment.

After one year, approximately one-in-five patients who received the 12-week course of varenicline remained smoke-free.
In a separate study those patients who quit at the end of 12 weeks with varenicline, showed that an additional course of 12 weeks treatment with varenicline resulted in a greater likelihood of long-term success in quitting smoking.

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