Choose Calcium Rich Food – Not Pills and Supplements For Stronger Bones

Calcium helps to strengthen our bones. Women are especially recommended to include calcium in their diet all the time.

The first and the most important thing to remember while trying to include calcium in the daily diet is that getting calcium from food is better than getting it from a pill.

Calcium that is gotten directly from food is absorbed and utilized by the body better than synthetic calcium that a calcium pill.

Quality has proved to work better than quantity. In some cases women taking calcium supplements had higher average levels of calcium.

But still calcium that one can get from foods in their natural form proved to be more beneficial. And why just calcium all other nutrients also prove to be more beneficial in their pure and direct form than simply gulping pill.

However simple and uncomplicated the pill thing may sound it cannot be compared with the effect and benefits food in their natural form have to offer.

Earlier the diets of the people eating their traditional diet were also produced or grown traditionally in soil that had not been stripped of its nutrients by use of any chemicals and artificial manure etc.

Traditionally grown foods used to have much higher calcium, magnesium, iron and also less phosphorous etc than anything grown now in across the world. Ancient grains, for example quinoa and buckwheat had over 10 times more magnesium and 3 times more calcium than modern grains.

According to researches performed at various institutes. Women who get their daily calcium from food have healthier bones as well as higher bone density than women whose calcium comes from supplements.

These women were also found to have more estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone required to maintain bone mineral density in body.

The best food source of calcium out there is that from raw milk, green leafy vegetables.

Let me share some important information about bone density and bone strength.

Bone density does not equal bone strength and one is not same as the other. One can have very dense but fragile bones. Not to mention bone density varies by race, age, and even season.

The best way to protect our bones and overall health is by eating our “native diet”, doing proper exercise, regular, sound sleep etc. No need to worry about all this garbage about this supplement and that pill.

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