Dealing with Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is one problem, which affects 90% of us at some point or the other. So much so that we think of growing old and blood pressure in the same breath.

We shall discuss causes of blood pressure and what will help us to deal with it best. Blood pressure should never be allowed to rise, should never be taken casually.

Some of the causes of blood pressure may include, quality of lifestyle. Things like, eating a high-grain, high-sugar diet, lack of exercise, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and taking excessive stress.

Most of these factors are things we have control over. We can shift to a better diet, we can include exercises in our routine, we can avoid stress etc.

Avoiding stress is the most important factor to fight blood pressure. The more stress we take the worse the blood pressure situation gets. The best thing therefore, and first thing also is to avoid stress.

Exposure to sunlight lowers blood pressure. As per researchers experiencing relaxed feelings from UV rays are responsible for lowering blood pressure. The studies claim that exposure to UV rays produces endorphins.

This chemical in the brain is linked to both pain relief as well as euphoric feelings. The researchers say that decreased vitamin D production leads to increased parathyroid hormone production that is responsible for increasing blood pressure.

Reducing weight also helps reducing blood pressure. Weight reduction is for people who are overweight, who have high blood pressure problem and people who are already at a risk of blood pressure. Following dietary guidelines and exercising routine will help fight blood pressure by reducing weight successfully.

It was widely believed that garlic helps to fight blood pressure but this theory has recently been questioned and more research is going on it. Researchers claimed that allicin, a chemical found in garlic is likely to prevent pulmonary hypertension by causing the blood vessels to relax and also by preventing damage to the blood vessels.

Researchers are also studying whether reducing or eliminating meat from diet can really impact one’s blood pressure. Following the nutrition plan helps normalize blood pressure in about 75% people. Eliminating grains and sugars will also help to reduce blood pressure as per the latest research.

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