Earache Remedies

Earache should not be taken casually. It can’t be because the shooting pain is so difficult to bear that people do run to the doctor as soon as they experience it. But mostly when infants and kids suffer earache, either they can’t tell or they can’t wait and become restless and uncontrollable.

God forbid but if it strikes in the middle of night or something the situation can exhaust everyone is the house but even at such times I feel compress or hot water bottle wrapped in napkin can be put in the affected area for outer relief.

Chances are that it will rest the child and ear ache will disappear. But one should take an appointment with the doctor for the next day and apprise the doctor of the condition for them to take a further call on it.

However, earache can affect people of all ages and genders. It is considered among the most unbearable pains.

Ear is a complicated and a delicate organ, comprising external ear; the internal ear; and the mid ear. The medical terms for them are external auditory canal; the tympanic membrane; and middle ear is simply referred to as the middle ear.

When something goes wrong with any part, the result will be ear ache; whether it is swelling, irritation, anything.

Earache that is caused due to swelling or soreness is on ear drum or tympanic membrane is called Myringitis; if outer canal of the ear has some kind of infection generally resulting post swimming, its known as Otitis externa;

The third infection is Otitis media, this infection affects the middle ear / eardrum and most common amongst babies and kids but does at times affects older people too.

There are several effective home remedies to treat earache; however, when home remedies don’t show any results, medical appointment is the obvious next step.

Doctors will examine patient’s ear and depending on the part of ear that is infected and evaluating possible causes for the earache; treatment will be prescribed.

The doctor will generally do a physical examination of the patient, go through his medical history, and if need be take an x ray to arrive at the cause for earache.

Let us first discuss various home remedies for earache. Usually, acetaminophen (barring people with liver problems) or ibuprofen (barring people with kidney disorders), are considered safe OTC medicines.

However doses for infants, children, and adults are different so its safe to ask your doctor before taking anything allopathic.

Chew a gum because if your earache is due to clogged or blocked ear passage chewing gum will clear it.

Every time I fly, the air pressure leaves my ears blocked and chewing gum invariably solves my problem. Use of warm compresses also helps ease of the pain, but the compress should not be so hot that it will burn your skin around ears and cheeks. Likewise, ear drops are a safe option again.

Olive oil makes for good ear drops if nothing else is handy and ear ache has attacked at an odd hour like in middle of the night etc.

If continued exposure to loud music or sound has caused earache, it should not be taken lightly. Person should move to a quieter place and rest his ears.

Analgesic properties of garlic juice, which can be used as ear drops, can help to reduce earache. Freshly squeezed juice out of peppermint leaves, or even ginger juice provide relief against earache.

Bishop’s weed oil is also considered a good remedy for earache. If the patient is suspecting ruptured ear drum, under all circumstances he should avoid pouring any kind of oil in his ears.

For ear ache resulting from weak immune system, doctors generally prescribe doses of vitamin C.

People feel more relieved in sitting position than sleeping when they have earache. Drinking lots of fluids, especially water helps the system to settle down. If your ear aches when you bite into something hard, it is more likely that something could be wrong with your jaw and your ear may be fine.

People suffering from diabetes; meningitis; or encephalitis, or those with weak immune system should seek medical help immediately they get earache.

If wind causes ear ache like loud noises, save your ears of wind and air getting inside; wear scarf. If you feel pus or some liquid oozing out of your ear or some kind of infection, don’t get into self medication at any cost. Visit your doctor, and follow his advice.

It’s a delicate organ and it is a bad idea to take chances and risk it for anything.

Earache Explained

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