FAQs Regarding Avoiding Various Types of Cancer

Q. I am 55 and have been smoking forever. Is it too late to give it up to reduce the risk of Lung Cancer?

A. No. It’s never too late to give up smoking to reduce lung cancer risk and other related complications.

You also need to know one fact that it takes a smoker 15 years to come to a stage where his/her risk factors can come down to that of a non-smoker. It’s not to discourage you but to open your eyes to the harms caused by smoking.

Q. How to Avoid Skin Cancer?

A. The best way to avoid skin cancer is to avoid exposure to direct sun. A sunscreen lotion, umbrella, proper eye care should be a top priority for people who have to spend a lot of time in the sun. People who come in contact of direct sun during the course of the day are at an increased risk than people who stay indoors.

Q. Can intake of soy products reduce risk of breast cancer?

A. According to a recent study, it was found that women who consumed soy rich diet reduced their breast cancer risk by about 60%. Soy helps in reducing the density of breast tissue, which the researchers claim helps in reducing the cancer risk.

Q. Can intake of tomatoes reduce risk of prostrate cancer?

A. Yes it does. Tomatoes are found to be a good source of lycopene. Which is a powerful antioxidant that has been linked to prostate health. Even broccoli is found to have antioxidant properties and antioxidant rich diet helps to reduce risk of cancer.

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