Stay Healthy at Any Age – Tips For Women

For women to stay healthy at any age is all about leading a disciplined life. It’s not so simple but not too difficult either. I mean one good thing leads to the other. Even if your lifestyle is too messed up and everything is haywire so to say, you can still bring it back to normal by addressing one irregularity at a time.

Women don’t need to lose heart if they are forty plus and feeling unfit. It’s less to do with age and more with the lifestyle. It is possible for them to stay healthy at any age provided they incorporate and stick to a routine. Like they can start by modifying the diet. A diet that is low on fat, high on fiber, and which contains little or no red meat.

Women can also incorporate exercise time in their routine, limit alcohol intake, and give up smoking for a long and healthy life. They can bring down their heart disease risk by exercising regularly and opting for the right diet. This combination is as god as a magic pill. Difficult to swallow but the effects are worth it.

Some facts that women need to keep in mind is that they should visit doctor for annual check up of weight, BP, Pap smear test, breast examination etc. They should practice safe sex unless they are in a monogamous long-term relationship. This will prevent all chances of HPV.

Calcium is important for women of all ages and calcium supplements should be apart of their regular diet. Folic acid, Vitamin E and hormone replacement therapy should also be incorporated with the help of a doctor. Keeping stress at bay will increase your healthy life span by a few years easily, considering the kid of stress women go through in their everyday lives now as compared to our moms and grand moms.

Using sunscreen, drinking plenty of water through the day etc may sound like things we read everyday but it hardly means we take them casually. They are the most important facts, which we need to take cognizance of and incorporate in our regular day-to-day life.

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