The Smaller Belly, The Healthier Heart

Smaller belly has a very important impact on the healthier heart in many cases.

In the article I posted on Dec 27th, Obesity and Prostate Cancer Are Good Friends, I explained the relation of the obesity, prostate, and also breast cancer.

In fact, I was wrong. I should say that obesity and all kinds of cancer are good friends. And now I want to say obesity, cancers, and heart diseases are good friends.

Fat cells that can be found around your belly and other parts are the best places to keep the carcinogen hormones and other carcinogen substances which can be easily repelled from your body when you are thin and so have a very amount of fat cells in your body.

Now I want to tell you that obesity is also a good friend with heart diseases. New studies show that the fatter you are, the higher risk of heart disease you have.

It is especially true about people who have a big belly. So people who have more fat in their abdomen have a higher risk than people who have overall obesity and the fat is scattered in their body more evenly.

Physicians are used to using the body mass index (BMI) which is the weight in relation to height, as the indicator of heart disease risk based on obesity but researches show that this is not a good way because a high BMI doesn’t mean that a person is a fat.

For example, muscular people have high BMI but are healthy.

But scientists have found a better way: sagittal abdominal diameter or SAD.

SAD is the distance from the back to the upper abdomen midway between the top of the pelvis and the bottom of the ribs. People who have high SAD are fat people and suffer from obesity definitely.

Muscular people who may have a high BMI, have a low SAD. So SAD can be a good indicator for heart disease risk. On the other hand, some fat people have a small belly and the fat is scattered in their body evenly.

These people have low SAD too. SAD is high only in people who have a big belly and according to the researches these people have a high risk for heart diseases.

It means SAD is a good indicator to know who is at risk and who has a lower risk of heart diseases.

Researches show that men with larger SAD are 42% more likely to develop heart disease.

People should not think that if their weight is normal, they have a low risk of heart diseases. They can have a big belly and so high SAD.

So to stay away from heart diseases and also cancer, you should have a small belly.

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