Backache, Slipped Disc, Strains, Its No Joke

Oh my poor back! Such a familiar cry, most of us have experienced a painful backache as a result of mostly slipped disc or strains at some time or other.

It is often the butt of jokes, but believe me it is no joke when you do have one.

Causes of Backache or Back Pain

There are so many causes to having a bad back it is often hard to diagnose exactly what is causing it, and believe it or not it is one of the simplest ways for the skivers to get a few days off work as the doctor can’t refute your claims that your back is killing you.

1. Muscle Strains

Some of the more common causes are strains, you may have been moving furniture or lifting heavy weights or you might have twisted suddenly, any of these can cause severe back ache.

2. Lumbago

Lumbago is something you don’t hear too much about but my mother suffered terribly with this complaint.

At times she could hardly walk and her remedy was to use Belladonna plasters.

They are not heard of so much now but they are still available, they are a large self adhesive plaster that contains properties to help cure the backache, they are a bit like a heated blanket so my mother told me, I have never tried them.

3. Lumbar Spine

Lumbar spine happens when the spine curves inbound toward the abdomen and it causes a lower backache as a result of lumbar strain or stretch.

It is located in L1 – L5 lumbar vertebrae which contain spinal cord tissue.

4. Slipped Disc

A slipped disc can be agony and often requires a stay in hospital; there are many types of disc problems and ways to alleviate these require the help of a doctor or a specialist in back problems.

5. Sciatica

Sciatica is another cause and pains in the legs are associated with this, it can also be caused by a disc problem.

6. Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is usually found in older people, after a life time of use the joints become unable to stand the stress of daily living, this can also cause pain.

7. Intestine Problem Causes Lower Backache

Having diarrhea or constipation also can cause a lower back pain which should be treated by the doctor and you should see your doctor to check the reasons and start the right treatment.

Lower Backache Treatments

There are various types of treatments for the various complaints and it is to hoped that one of these treatments will cure or at least relieve your pain.

Based on the type of lower back pain reason your doctor should provide the right treatments for you such as; exercise, physiotherapy, anti inflammation medication, pain killers or in some cases surgery.

Exercises To Relief Lower Backache

Rucking exercise, you raise your knees toward your chest and hold them with your arms and begin to rock on your back to stretch your back muscles.

Legs stretching and hip stretching are the best exercises for lower back pain.

Upper Back Pain Causes

The upper backache causes are also can be a sign of other conditions.

It is also can be as a result of muscle strain or any type of injuries as well.

Most common upper back pain causes are;

  • Muscle strain
  • Injuries
  • Lung Cancer
  • Infections
  • Pinched nerve
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