CLA Safflower Oil and Its Amazing Benefits

safflower plant

Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA safflower oil is the latest solution to get raid of stubborn fat cells  without diet or exercisers.

Losing weight has been a huge problem nowadays.

Diets and exercises are the best way of balancing your weight but many people are struggling with loosing weight quickly.

Many of us do not have time to do enough exercises for at least 3 times per week which is recommend.

People are looking for a way to loose weight without doing any exercise or diet.

CLA safflower oil prevents the fat cells from becoming larger in our body.

It blocks fat cells from piling up and create a mass of fat cells.

What Is CLA Safflower Oil?

safflower plant

In ancient time people used to use safflower flower to create a red and yellow dye.

Egyptian used safflower flower to dye the materials and fabrics to wrap the mummies back then.

Long ago people used to create red makeups out of safflower flowers.

Safflower is known as a fake saffron.

It has the same color and shape of the saffron but doesn’t have the same essence of the real saffron.

Safflower seed oil is a good source of good fatty acids that our body needs and it’s a replacement of animal fat in our diets in order to be health and happy we need it in our daily diet.

Safflower is very effective in sexual disorders…

Use one teaspoon of powder safflower seeds and mix it with pistachio, honey and almond and have it one hour before going to bed, it works like a natural Viagra.

Furthermore, CLA Safflower Oil decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The use of safflower flower to end pregnancy has a history behind it.

Long ago women were using safflower flower in order to do natural miscarriage within the first few months of the pregnancy.

However, CLA Safflower Oil doesn’t have the same affects on pregnant women and it is consider as a healthy food for the future moms.

Problems Since Industrial Fatty Acids Replaced Natural Fatty Acids

Industrial fatty acids are causing overweight issues as well as cancers.

In the modern life style and grow of population industries came out with an idea of feeding farm animals with industrial fatty acids and hormones.

The hormones that they use to produce more and more food in the twenty first century is causing a big obesity and cancer issues.

Natural resources of Conjugated Linoleic Acid is usually in the dairy product.

Since the farmers forcing animals with grain feed which replaced the traditional grass fed all the health issues began.

All the health issues that we are facing today began since the development of food industrial revolution.

Almost 70% of north american residence are struggling with their overweight issues for the past 30 years.

Two out of three people in north america are suffering from overweight.

CLA Safflower Oil supplements are the best way of getting daily dose of CLA in our diet.

Safflower oil prevents the fat cells to become solid and breaks them down in order to make it easier to transform them into energy in your body.

Diseases that You can Get Because Of Being Overweight

  1. Overweight and Obesity
  2. Diabetic
  3. Heart disease
  4. Blood Pressure
  5. Cholesterol
  6. Cancer
  7. Fertility problem
  8. Hormonal balance
1 – Overweight and Obesity

CLA Safflower Oil can help you lose weight without heavy exercise or hard to follow diet.

Knowing that the regular exercise and healthy diet can prevent you from gaining weight and many other diseases.

However, with today’s life style and office jobs it makes it hard to do enough exercises within daily bases.

Usage of technology is the main reason for gaining weight and that affects everyone’s health in certain points.

Industrial fatty acids are the result of the new technology in food products in the 21st century.

Centuries ago the amount of overweight people was very very small because people were eating natural stuffs with no transformation.

No additional preservatives in the foods.

Most of people were walking to go to work and everything was almost manually done.

CLA is require in our health and body to prevent the fat cells from piling up in our body.

CLA Safflower Oil is a body fat blocker with many other benefits.

2 – Diabetic

Diabetic problem is one of the main problem with overweight in the last couple of decade.

Almost 33 million american are suffering from blood sugar mostly type 2.

The bad fatty acids in dairy products causes the increase in diabetic disease  in the 21st century.

Since the cows are force to be grain fed the quality of milk also being affected with the hormones and bad fatty acids.

Moreover, if you add CLA Safflower Oil supplements in your diet, it will protect you from the overweight and to become diabetics.

3 – Heart Disease

Heart disease also is one of the most dying reason since food industrial switched to hormonal way of feeding the farm animals.

80 millions of Americans are suffering from heart disease issues related to the overweight.

Lack of exercise and modern life style leads you to gain weight and also can causes the heart disease.

Working on the computer all day and watching TV is what almost the majority of us do.

Some people register to the gym and go to the gym right after they finish at work and some prefer to go to the gym in the morning before they go to work.

Either way is beneficial for your health as long as you be able to force your daily exercises into your agenda.

When we are overweight our heart has to do extra pump to push blood into the whole body.

Having a belly fat especially on the top part of stomach is the most dangerous risk factors.

CLA Safflower seed Oil is the best solution so far to break the fat cells in that specific area and transform them into energy.

4 – Blood Pressure

High blood pressure which causes many heart attack and storks are another issues with being overweight.

Since industrial unnatural hormones been added to farm animals foods all the health issues began.

When you are overweight, your heart has to work harder to pump in order to cover that extra weight.

The heart needs to work faster and more forcefully, as a result your blood pressure goes up .

Your body has a limit of weight to support naturally and if you gain more weight, your body has to work extra in order to cover it’s needs.

Abdominal fat can be reduce within six weeks of using CLA Safflower Oil supplements and the fat transforms into lean muscles.

5 – Cholesterol

Overweight and cholesterol level

When you have lots of LDL (bad cholesterol) in your blood that means you have high cholesterol and it’s not good for your health.

In general we need LDL and HDL both types of cholesterol in our body but it should be in certain level.

High cholesterol is the number one risk factor of heart disease and stroke.

It is basically the amount of bad fat (LDL) in your blood which can deposit fat factors in your artery walls and block the blood flow to brain and heart.

As a result you’ll have a stroke or a heart attach.

CLA Safflower Oil slightly increases the HDL in your blood.

HDL is a good cholesterol which can be found in meat, dairy products, eggs and by using CLA Safflower Oil you can get into the ideal level of good cholesterol in your blood.

6 – Cancer

Cancer and lack of CLA in our diets are directly related.

The amount of cancer diagnoses are growing in daily bases.

More and more diseases are developing every year because of the changes in food industries.

The farmers are trying to spend a minimum amount of money and produce the maximum result by force feeding animals with hormones.

Because of that idea, the farmers are spending only $2 to feed a cow per day and that cow will gain almost 4 times as before when they where grass fed.

You can imagine when we eat meet and all of that hormones are transferring to our body what that will leave in our body.

First thing is that we gain weight too because all of those industrial fatty acids being transfer to our body.

Then more and more people are diagnose with cancer everyday because of the hormones that are been used in our foods.

Cancer basically is an abnormal growth of cells which being increased since the modern food industries started to add hormones to our foods.

Hormones are responsible to grow the cells and faster food production which are extremely dangerous for our body and health.

7 – Fertility Problems

There is a direct link between the dairy products and infertility issues.

Since the cows are force to be feed with industrial grains the quality of dairy products are not the same anymore.

The development of food industries and the usage of hormonal in the farm animals food can directly affect our body system as well as fertility problems.

Everyday, we see more and more people are suffering from infertility and they are trying to get cure by going to the specialists clinics.

CLA Safflower Oil helps with PMS problem and will regulate the cycle.

In Chinese medicine they are using safflower flower for PMS cramps and stomach pain.

However, safflower flower might cause miscarriage and it is not recommended for pregnant women.

But safflower oil is safe for pregnant women.

8 – Hormonal Balance

Being overweight can cause imbalance hormonal issues in your body.

Sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone are having direct affect in weight balance.

You can keep your sex hormones level by using CLA Safflower Oil supplement in daily basis.

Low testosterone can cause hair and muscle lose in men and gain weight.

Eating healthy can help with hormone balance.

Food with low sugar and high in good fatty acids, enough fiber in your diet and regular exercise can help balancing your sex hormones.

Hormone balance foods can be fatty acid, antioxidant, vegetable, herbs and nuts.

The Benefits of Using CLA Safflower Oil in Our Daily Diets

CLA helps us with our immune system and we can get our daily dose from CLA Safflower Oil supplements.

Having a strong immune system is very important in our life.

Imagine getting sick each time you go to any public places because your immune system is weak and you catch diseases so often.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid can regulate your blood sugar level, increase your immune system, burn fat, lowers bad cholesterol.

Developing a healthy bones is another benefits of having CLA in our daily diet.

Healthy heart is as a result of having enough Conjugated Linoleic Acid in our food.

Jelly-belly fat is also as a result of lack of Conjugated Linoleic Acid in our body.

By using CLA Safflower Oil supplements we can replace the lack of CLA in our diet and lose weight within a short period of time without any exercise of changing in the diet.

Is CLA Safflower Oil can Help Losing Body Fat?

The research shows that using Conjugated Linoleic Acid safflower oil can reduce body fat and build mussels without any changes in diet.

CLA reduces even abdominal fat without changing the diet or doing exercises.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid safflower oil supplements can lose up to 50% of body mass within a period of 6 weeks.

Body fat decreases and muscles are leaner by using CLA in our daily diets.

It breaks down the stubborn fat tissues and prepares them to be transform into burning energy.

How Does Conjugated Linoleic Acid Works In Our Body?

Conjugated Linoleic Acid breaks the fat cells in our body into smaller peaces that can be transfer and burn easier.

Using Conjugated Linoleic Acid in our diet will reduce plaques in arterial walls and reduces the chance of heart related diseases.

Getting a good amount of CLA is very difficult with all the food industrial changes for the past 50 years.

CLA Safflower seed Oil can be used to prevent from heart disease, asthma, tumor, as a blood thinner, widen blood vessels and weight control.

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