Munchkin Diaper Pail Review That You Must Read

diaper disposal pail pushing

Baby products review is very important for new parents before purchasing their baby products and that can include Munchkin diaper pail review as well.

In this article I am going to explain about different opinions about Munchkin diaper pail users.

Everyone has their own opinion about the products base on their points of views and needs.

Some people are very perfectionist and checking every small details as well as the design.

However, others are very easy going and just checking for their main needs out of any products.

Saying that, new moms are always concern about their baby’s health and comforts.

Diaper disposal pail should be selected carefully.

Most of people living  in the small places and you don’t want any bad diaper stinks around  your place.

For any diaper pails parents should check the review about the following…
  1. Odor control power
  2. Ease of use and how user friendly the device is
  3. Cost of the device
  4. Bags and odor control device and products cost
  5. Safety packaging for curious babies

Pros and Cons about Munchkin Diaper Pail

diaper disposal pail pushing

Pros of Munchkin diaper pail

The good review about the Munchkin diaper pail is mostly with the easy way of changing the bags.

They are offering two types of bags, with self sealing and the other one that you can cut it off when the bag is full and tie it right away.

When the lid closes the device twists the bag and sprinkles baking soda to eliminate the odor.

Doesn’t use a lot of baking soda and just one fill out can last for months.

Cost of the bags are reasonable as well, depends on where you buy them from.

Cons of Munchkin diaper pail

You have to push the diapers to the bag and no one likes to put their hands into a bag full of dirty diapers.

Can’t just toss the diaper into the pail and close the door.

In most of the times your hand gets caught when you disposing dirty diaper into the pail.

Odor still comes out when you disposing dirty diapers before you close the lid and the device twists the bag.

Some of their models doesn’t have a foot panel and you have to open and close the lid manually.

It is hard to bend and open and close the lid while you holding the baby to dispose dirty diaper.

Odor Control Reviews

When it comes to odor control with Munchkin diaper pail the system and idea behind it is good.

However, there are many bad reviews in that matter.

It is mostly about the odor when adding new nappy to the pail.

The user should push the diaper manually and the bag opens as well.

Although the sprinkle of baking soda happens each time the lid closes but it can’t control the odor when the new diaper pushes in.

Little odor skips when you change the bags.

When the bag is full the lid seal can’t be close properly and that causes some odor to skip.

Technically the idea behind the design of sprinkling the soda and twisting the bag is brilliant.

Unfortunately, when the lid closes doesn’t work properly to close completely.

However, the company is in process of improving their next generation of this type of products.

Hopefully they will come out with a better solution.

General Public Reviews

Easy bag replacement

There are many review on Munchkin Diaper Pail and the average stars are 3.

The main positive reviews are on the changing bags and the different aromas.

However, some people are allergic to the smells of the bags but in general they are getting a lot of positive reviews in regards of the bags’ aroma and scent.

The quality of the bags are not strong and they might rip while you change the bags and that’s been reported.

Because of the side door to change the bags, it makes it easier when you change the bags.

The new bags are more convenient and have more positive reviews since you can cut them when it’s full and just tie the ends without any mess.

Main concern about any diaper pail is about no odor to skip while you change the bags or put the diaper in the pail.

Munchkin Diaper Pail has 7 over 10 in score in this matter.

So, we can’t tell it is the best type of diaper pail in the market.

People who get a free sample of Munchkin diaper pail to exchange for a review, are mostly not honest and they feel bad if they don’t give a positive review.

Bags changes score of the Munchkin diaper pail is the highest score comparing to the others.

Moreover, the score of lid closing and opening is only 3 over 10 comparing to the other brands in the market.

Manufacture designed the lid for the children’s safety but it is very difficult for the parents to just dump the stinky diapers to the pail while they are holding the baby.

Extra Lifetime Costs With Munchkin Diaper Pail

The cost of the pail itself is just a one time pay and you don’t need to pay anything until it breaks down and you have to change the pail totally.

Bags and baking sodas are the main extra lifetime costs for Munchkin Diaper Pail.

It can cost you about $120 per year for the bags, depends on where you purchase your bags from and what kind.

Some people prefer the cutoff round bags which you can just cut it off with the built in cutter when is the garbage collection days.

Others just wait until it is fully pack and decided to put them in the garbage trash can.

Each bag should be able to contain 24 to 30 diapers.

This amount is base on the age of the baby and the size of the diapers.

Usage of arm and hammer disposal bags are the most when you use Munchkin diaper pail while the others you can just use regular garbage bags.

However, the score review of Munchkin diaper pail is 2 over 5 stars and it is very poor in reviews.

Baby safety lid is well designed but it makes it difficult for the parents and it is not well user friendly as it should be.

However, the company is in process of improving their products and people’s review and opinion are very important for any products.

Companies can tell what the pros and cons of their products are and they will continuously improving their products.

Since most of the diaper pails are around the same price range, it is better to do some research before getting your diaper pail.

Companies are willing to send samples to new moms for free to try them out and in exchange with products review.

It is better to take the advantages and send your trial request to the companies before you purchase any baby stuff.

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