Progress of My Broken Ankle

It is now over three months since I broke my ankle. I thought by now my broken ankle will be healing and I would back on my own two feet walking normally but that must have been wishful thinking.

I wear an air boot which is heavy and looks a bit like something out of space but it does enable me to get around easier.

Healing Progress of My Broken Ankle

I still have to keep the weight off my foot so I still use the crutches and I can’t walk too far as my energy isn’t back to normal yet, probably due to so much inactivity.


I do my daily exercises as learnt in physiotherapy which do make my foot and ankle more flexible. My foot and ankle still swell up a lot especially if I have been on my feet for a while or even if I sit with my foot on the floor, the only way to stop the swelling is to sit with my foot raised up quite high.

I now manage to get upstairs to bed but with the weight of the boot it is quite an effort so I need to sit on the side of the bed to recover before getting ready for bed.

As we do not have a shower I have a bath which is easy enough to get into but getting out with my husbands help usually has us helpless with laughter. My next x-ray is due on the 29th January and I am hoping the news will be good so I can dispel with the worry of having it redone.

As one of the bones in my ankle has slipped they are hoping it will knit together without the need for more surgery, I really hope this has happened as I dread the thought of having it done again and going back to square one.

I am really looking forward to when I am on my own two feet as I miss the shopping trips AND spending money. The only thing I don’t miss is cooking dinner, I am quite happy to have that served up to me without doing a thing.

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